Ever had a great idea, but didn’t think you have the confidence or knowledge to see it through to a Brand state? Sometimes, you need a push to take the leap of faith. We at Springcart have often found ourselves in the position to help our clients take that leap from idea to brand. As a result, we’ve created the Springcart Brand Building Session, geared exclusively toward entrepreneurs that need help bringing their vision into focus. But it’s more than just leaping into your passion; We want to work with you to create your own Brand Safety Net. You may have an idea and need help with a plan to initiate it. You may have an active brand, but are stuck in a stagnant state, unsure of how to get to the next level. We offer strategic planning sessions to help you determine realistic goals and an action plan for success.

Who is this good for?

Perfect for getting a different perspective on an idea or project, pricing and promotional strategy, review of your website, packaging ideas and more.

How does it work?

Once we agree that a session would be beneficial for your needs, we’ll send you an invoice for full payment. We’ll then schedule a date and time for your session. You send us questions or an overview of what you would like to discuss so that we’ll be prepared for our call.

The day of our call we’ll get on the phone or Skype and make the magic happen, come up with action steps and an honest neutral opinion.

We also schedule a followup call 30 days to make sure that you’re on your target to WIN.

Price: $297

Includes a 60 minute session. 30 day follow up call.

Take The Leap!



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